Winter Walking and Snow Removal

During our fall count of pedestrians and bicyclists with Mr. Liechty’s class, the trail by the Grand Marais Post Office was a busy thoroughfare. 49 bikers and walkers used this route over the noontime.

And on a snowy day…pedestrians are still making their way on by. Luckily, he knows there is still a trail there, hidden beneath the snow.

Kid walking on snowpack by PO

People are making their way along, even with large obstacles like snow piles in their way.

Snow by PO with arrows

Does the snow discourage you from walking to the Post Office or IGA?

And while this guy had some big piles to navigate, there were places farther along that were cleared of snow, ready for pedestrians.

Snow clearning Arrowhead Pharmacy Snow Clearing School Snow clearing 2nd St