Why is active living important?

As part of this month’s Active Living Policy Committee meeting, the group of decision makers from across Cook County and Grand Portage discussed why active living is important.

So, why is active living important? Here are some of the reasons discussed at the February 6th meeting:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Improve quality of life
  • Tourism – quality of experience
  • Sense of well-being
  • Community interaction
  • For all people
  • Offering cheap transportation (and not having to risk safety)
  • Public safety
  • Family friendly
  • Aging population
  • Economic reasons – reduced health care costs among others
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Potential for reduced costs on infrastructure
  • Save wear and tear on vehicle
  • Reduce gas consumption/limited resources
  • …….

There are many reasons why active living is important, for our community and for each of us as individuals. Our local decision makers greatly value the input of citizens and now is the time to provide your comments about active living in Cook County.

Comment on this post or email movingmatters@boreal.org. What do you think is missing from this list? Or what do you personally find the most important? We will share your comments with the Committee as they discuss the future of active living in our community.