Highway 61 Revisited: Help Redesign Highway 61

The City of Grand Marais invites all that live, work, shop, walk, bike, drive, or play along Highway 61 in Grand Marais to the kick-off of Highway 61 Revisited to help redesign this important corridor. The first gathering will be Thursday, September 4th 6-8 pm at the Grand Marais Public Library.


Join us for a lively evening to engage in discussion and share ideas to improve Highway 61 through Grand Marais.

For more information and updates, visit www.becausemovingmatters.org/highway61.

*Free childcare is available for families participating in the evening, for children age 4 months and over. Drop-off will be at the YMCA starting at 5:30 pm, pick-up after the event.


Highway 61 Revisited Kickoff


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  1. I am a little concerned that there was nothing done to address the largest hazard that I can see with traffic on 61 and that is safe crossways. I don’t think the crosswalk signs and the single stop light are the best approach to address the high volume of foot traffic crossing the highway most of the summer. In a perfect world , it would be nice to have an elevated bridge across 61 to safely allow pedestrians to cross without further congestion the flow of cars on 61.

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