Kick-off of Highway 61 Revisited: Share your input today!

Hwy 61 Kickoff 3

Even if you missed the kick-off meeting at the library, your input is still needed! This information will be shared with the design team as they start their initial design work. The survey will be available until 5 pm on Friday, October 3rd.

And thank you to the 50+ community members that joined the first conversation in person. It was a wonderful start to this process. Stay tuned for more information on the process at At the next session on October 28th, the community will have the opportunity to view and provide feedback on draft designs.



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  1. have not been following this in detail but i walk a lot around town and anything that encourages walking is great. love the crossing flags and simple crosswalk signs, esp up by the care center and clinic now that there is a sidewalk there on 5th street.

  2. With the increase in businesses on the North Side of Highway 61 (Pharmacy, Harbor House Grill, Voyageur Brewing Company, Thrift Store etc.) we need to make sure we are providing safe ways for people to cross Highway 61. In addition, with our lack of downtown corridor parking more and more people are parking in the residential areas north of Highway 61 and walking into the downtown core district. Slowing the traffic down on Highway 61, adding more crosswalks and police enforcement of stopping for pedestrians on those crosswalks will help make it a more pedestrian friendly area.
    I would like to see Highway 61 add angled street parking through the downtown area and create a “Main Street” feel. This will add much needed parking and force traffic to slow down along with creating more economic development in this area of town.
    Thank you for everyone’s hard work and for the volunteers helping make our community a better place to live!

  3. Has it been suggested to approach the state of mn. To reduce speed limits to 25mph for approx. 10 blocks thru town for the tourist season. It seem to me to be a safety necessity. Thanks

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