Pop-up Sidewalk with the City of Grand Marais

Something new is coming to Cook County this summer, but it won’t be here for long. It’s a Pop-up Sidewalk!

Pop-ups can come in many forms and we’ve been seeing them pretty close to home. A pop-up is something temporary and allows trying something out to see if it works without making a large and permanent investment.

This summer Threads hosted a Pop-Up Shop at its Grand Marais store.

And in Duluth, the city and Healthy Duluth Area Coalition hosted a Pop-up Parklet.

The Pop-up Sidewalk will be creating a sidewalk connection between Artist’s Point and downtown Grand Marais, along Boulder Park. Right now, the sidewalk ends where Boulder Park starts.
This Pop-up will help us all experience what it would be like if a sidewalk was built there. Be sure to try out the sidewalk starting on August 15th, 2014. If you have any comments or experiences that you’d like to share, please email movingmatters@boreal.org or share your comments here or on Facebook.

New Sidewalk Ready for Walking, Rolling, and Strolling

Over the past few weeks, a transformation has taken place along County Road 7/5th Street in Grand Marais. It started with some digging…and resulted in a safe place for people to walk to school, to a doctor’s visit, to the YMCA, and to the rest of Grand Marais.

When the crew first showed up, it almost seemed too good to be true. Was the sidewalk really coming?


But of course it was true and a sidewalk was in the works. Over time, the transformation progressed…


And before too long, a sidewalk was poured, and folks started to use it right away.P1000195

On August 6th, the community gathered to celebrate the new sidewalk and the prioritization of safety for people of all ages walking and biking. We want to thank the young helpers from Cooperation Station Daycare for their excellent ribbon holding and cutting performance. To see more photos, check out the Moving Matters Facebook page.

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Thank you to the Cook County Board of Commissioners, the County Highway Department, Northland Construction, and the many people who advocated for this sidewalk.

Update: the crosswalk striping across 5th Ave. West/Old Gunflint Trail is completed, connecting the two sidewalks. Check it out on one of these beautiful summer days!


Great Places Popping Up Around Cook County

From Schroeder to Grand Portage and up the Gunflint Trail, Great Places are popping up all around us this summer. Moving Matters staff has been traveling the county, documenting the creation of these new great places. Some are hidden gems, while others are right out in the open. Wondering if a project is one of these new great places? Keep an eye out for the Great Place Race sticker!

GPR Sign at 1st Street ParkOr you can check out all the projects at www.becausemovingmatters.org/gpr.

The Great Place Race projects bring lots of new ideas (and some great oldies) to spots near where we live, work, and play. These ideas are making places that welcome people in to spend time there. And the folks that came up with these ideas? They are are community members: friends, neighbors, family, local business owners, and Cook County doers.

Mural.Still007 Great Place Race 001.MOV.Still001

As we make our rounds to all the projects, we’ll continue to post updates on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/becausemovingmatters. We can’t wait to see all of these projects completed over the next weeks. Stay tuned for more photos and a cool video about these great places!