Great Place Project

Introduction and Information for 2017 Great Place Project Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Great Place Project, a collaborative effort of Sawtooth Mountain Clinic’s Moving Matters program and the Cook County Chamber of Commerce.

We are excited to be in our fourth year, creating great places throughout Cook County and Grand Portage. This year, we will be favoring proposals that demonstrate a strong ability to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Grants this year can range from a few dollars up to $1,000.

What is a Great Place?

A great place is inviting, beautiful, and catches the eye. It reflects the unique character and identity of the community. And a great place encourages people to slow down and spend time there. Placemaking comes in many varieties, from public art to seating – new ideas and innovation are encouraged! Past projects can be viewed on our website at 2015 Great Place Projects and 2014 Great Place Projects.

Inspiration for the 2017 Great Place Project

The Great Place Project is a friendly, local opportunity to seek funds for creating high impact, low cost great places. As always, funded projects will be those which demonstrate a keen ability to create small nooks of beauty in the built environment. We want to invest in projects with sufficient "pop" that they cause people to stop for a longer look. Placemaking comes in many varieties, from public art to seating – new ideas and innovation are encouraged! Past projects can be viewed at under the Great Place Project tab.

The 2017 Great Place Project is funded by anonymous donor who loves the project and did not want us to miss a year!

2016 Great Place Projects

Grand Marais Art Colony: $1,250. A joint project with Grand Marais Art Colony, Voyageur Brewing, Cook County Higher Ed, Betsy Bowen Gallery and Studios, and First Congregational Church for a colorful wayfinding sign to be erected in front of the brewery on Highway 61.
Shore Girl Studios/Birchbark Books and Gifts: $1,250. Paint-by-number murals to be created by public during Arts Festival (July 9-10), then installed on north wall of Birchbark Books and Gifts.
Sivertson Gallery: $1,250. Phase 1 of 3-phase mural by Dave Gilsvik wrapping around two sides of Sivertson Gallery. Mural will depict the history of art in Cook County and Grand Marais.
Sarah Hamilton and Beaver House: $1,250. Restoration of murals and other elements on Beaver House exterior.
Cooperation Station Daycare: $1,150. Whimsical figures painted on fence around child care center’s playground.
Joy & Co.: $1,100. Sound wall and other child-friendly enhancements to playground area behind store.
Cook County Historical Society: $1,075. Project to beautify northwest corner of Bally Blacksmith Shop lot.
Cook County Community YMCA: $1,000. Outdoor play space for children ages birth-5 in front of YMCA building.
Schroeder Township: $930. Refurbish playground and public gathering area around Schroeder Town Hall.
Putt ‘n Pets: $800. Stand-behind face cutouts of farm scenes to be erected next to Putt ‘n Pets miniature golf.
Lockport Marketplace & Grill: $750. Creation of a colorful rest area for bicyclists near Highway 61 at Lockport Marketplace & Grill.
Nordic Woodenware: $550. Beautify area behind workshop next to Joy & Co.
Ann Possis: $500. Installation of outdoor ping pong table on grassy area in front of Grand Marais Library for free use by public.
Chris and Anne Hegg: $400. Construction and installation of two wooden benches at wildflower sanctuary at intersection of Gunflint Trail and County Road 60, on site of original Hedstrom mill.
Fly Box and Company: $750. Transformation of a gravel parking lot into a retail store, with a deck, plants, and benches.

The Great Place Project is sponsored by the Moving Matters project of the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and the Cook County Chamber of Commerce.