Great Place Project 2017

2017 Great Place Project

Thank you for your interest in the Great Place Project, a collaborative effort of Sawtooth Mountain Clinic’s Moving Matters program and the Cook County Chamber of Commerce. 2017 was the fourth year of creating great places throughout Cook County and Grand Portage. Thirteen projects were funded in 2017.

What is a Great Place?

A great place is inviting, beautiful, and catches the eye. It reflects the unique character and identity of the community. And a great place encourages people to slow down and spend time there. Placemaking comes in many varieties, from public art to seating – new ideas and innovation are encouraged! Past projects can be viewed on our website at 2016 Great Place Projects, 2015 Great Place Projects, and 2014 Great Place Projects.

Inspiration for the 2017 Great Place Project

The Great Place Project is a friendly, local opportunity to seek funds for creating high impact, low cost great places. As always, funded projects will be those which demonstrate a keen ability to create small nooks of beauty in the built environment. We want to invest in projects with sufficient "pop" that they cause people to stop for a longer look. Placemaking comes in many varieties, from public art to seating – new ideas and innovation are encouraged! Past projects can be viewed at under the Great Place Project tab.

The 2017 Great Place Project is funded by anonymous donor who loves the project and did not want us to miss a year!

2017 Great Place Projects

Fireweed Bike Co-op: whose owner Jay Arrowsmith-Decoux will use the $550 to create two pedal-powered telephone or laptop charging stations to be located at bike friendly businesses around Grand Marais.
Kay Costello, Grand Marais: $500 to install and landscape a bench near the street in her front yard that will encourage walkers to rest and enjoy the lake view.
First Congregational Church, Grand Marais: $1,000 for three double wooden chairs to be located on church grounds and offered for use by church and community members. The chairs will be the end point for a series of community walks this summer.
Drury Lane Bookstore, Grand Marais: $879 for purchase and installation of a locally made bench on the area between the bookstore and East Bay, to make the area more welcoming to visitors and store patrons.
Quiet Waters and Norshor Insurance, Grand Marais: $1,000 for beautification of business buildings on the south side of Highway 61 in the western approach to Grand Marais.
Cook County Community YMCA and Community Education: $1,000 jointly for use to create one of the two projects proposed for YMCA property: a putting green or a carpet ball playing area.
Gunflint Trail Historical Society: $500 for an ADA compliant picnic table for the outdoor seating area adjacent to the nature center at Chik Wauk Museum and Nature Center.
Mila Horak: $1,000 for phase two of her participatory community mural painting project, done in conjunction with the Grand Marais Art Colony’s Arts Festival, that will create additional panels to be mounted on the north wall of Birchbark Books & Gifts.
Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply, Grand Marais: $350 for purchase of hammock stand and hammocks for donation to the Grand Marais Rec Park for mobile use around town.
Schroeder Township: $300 for construction and installation of a small free library near the town hall.
Beaver House, Grand Marais: $1,000 for creation and installation of two benches that will use large bobbers as legs, plus a cut-out featuring a fish and a beaver.
North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum, Tofte: $350 for a cut-out featuring a fisherman and fish to be displayed in front of the museum.
Art Round Town: $1,000 for creation of a new set of banners to be installed seasonally on public light fixtures in downtown Grand Marais.

The Great Place Project is sponsored by the Moving Matters project of the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and the Cook County Chamber of Commerce.